Potentials of Speculation II: Matt Malpass (Video)

Potentials of Speculation II (Lecture 1: Matt Malpass)
"Playing fools and engaging idiots: the Function of speculative critical Design" +
Matt Mallpass at Potentials of Speculation II
Speculative Critical Design moves away from traditional approaches that limit design’s role to the production of profitable objects, focusing instead on a practice that is interrogative, discursive and experimental. This talk will offer an introduction to the practice and question how a form of design that is focused on asking questions might function to provide answers in an age of political uncertainty, austerity and ecological crisis.
Digital lecture series on positions, interpretations and practices of the speculative +
Matt Malpass is a designer and theorist based in London. He is a Reader in Critical Design Practice at UAL: Central Saint Martins where he directs the MA Industrial Design Programme. He is author of Critical Design in Context: History Theory and Practices. +
The talk is part of the digital lecture series
Potentials of Speculation I and Potentials of Speculation II +