06.04.2021 – 29.06.2021

Potentials of Speculation II

Digital lecture series

Potentials of Speculation II
Digital lecture series on positions, interpretations and practices of the speculative

The research project Speculative Space at the Centre for Design Research (HAW Hamburg) asks about the epistemic potential of speculative design. In the lecture series Potentials of Speculation II, we focus on concrete speculative approaches and tactics from various disciplines. While last semester we focused primarily on Afrofuturist positions, this semester we turn to the following questions:
What does speculation mean in feminist practices? What role does speculation play in the writing of history? On what basis can we speculate about worlds to be built? Or more generally: What is speculative science? What would a science look like, that questions its dogmatic dimension through its own methodology? And to what extent is a speculative design practice suitable for these acrobatics? +
The dates will take place at 6 p.m. via Zoom conference. More detailed information and possible programme changes will be announced at the following link: http://speclog.xyz/news-archive +
Programme (Stand: 19.02.2021):
06.04. Introduction
20.04. Matt Malpass
04.05. Julia Grillmayr
18.05. Patricia Reed
15.06. Mariam Ghani
29.06. Deepa Butoliya

All talks will be held in English!
Zoom Link: https://haw-hamburg.zoom.us/my/potentialspeculation +