Potentials of Speculation II: Deepa Butoliya (Video)

Potentials of Speculation II (Lecture 5: Deepa Butoliya)
"Alternatives to Alternatives in Design Futures" +
Deepa Butoliya at Potentials of Speculation II
There is an imminent need to challenge the Eurocentric narratives in Speculative and Critical Design and introduce alternatives, a post-speculative and critical design approach that considers pluriversal perspectives. To explain this, Deepa Butoliya presents the ingenious making practices from the Global South. She introduces the term critical jugaad as a decolonizing methodology through various representation, discourse, and practice, particularly at the intersection of the Global South and critical design. This investigation of critical jugaad, consequently, leads to exploring a postnormal design framework. Her research aims to answer how we move beyond a western logic of criticality in design through critical jugaad. +
Dr. Deepa Butoliya is an Assistant Professor at Stamps School of Art & Design. Her research is located at the intersection of knowledge and critical thinking models emerging from multiple and global perspectives. Over the past few years, she has focused on critical perspectives and practices in design. She researches critique in design from multiple pluriversal perspectives, for instance, by exploring critical design practices from the global south, which involves exploring the criticality embedded in the ubiquitous and very human practice of Jugaad, which is a Hindi term for making do under severe constraints. +
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