Potentials of Speculation I: Tabita Rezaire (Video)

Potentials of Speculation I (Lecture 4: Tabita Rezaire)
"Decolonial Healing" +
Decolonial healing is a praxis of love in service of collective consciousness and liberation.To overcome the disconnection to ourselves, to each other, to the earth and the universe mandated by coloniality, the healing we require is not solely physical nor mental but emotional, political, historical, technological and spiritual. How are we complicit in the institutional violence that our technologies reproduce? As we engage in the struggle for epistemic delinking, we remember that our responsibility, as in response-ability, our ability to respond to a situation, is the seed of our liberation. Beyond the frenetic drive for growth motivated by profit and the insatiable thirst of capitalism are other worlds. Worlds we dream, worlds we draw, worlds we sing. Worlds where visions are real, where flowers speak, and water heals. +
Tabita Rezaire is infinity incarnated into an agent of healing. Her cross-dimensional practices envision network sciences - organic, electronic and spiritual - as healing technologies to serve the shift towards heart consciousness. Navigating digital, corporeal and ancestral memory as sites of struggles, she digs into scientific imaginaries to tackle the pervasive matrix of coloniality and the protocols of energetic misalignments that affect the songs of our body-mind-spirits. Tabita is based in Cayenne, French Guyana. She is part of the artist group NTU, half of the duo Malaxa, and the mother of the energy house SENEB. Tabita has shown her work internationally – Serpentine London; MoMa NY; New Museum NY; Gropius Bau Berlin; MMOMA Moscow, Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago; HEK Basel; ICA London; V&A London; National Gallery Denmark; The Broad LA; MoCADA NY; Tate Modern London; Museum of Modern Art Paris. +