Potentials of Speculation I: Intelligent Mischief (Video)

Potentials of Speculation I (Lecture t: Intelligent Mischief)
"Designing Black Utopias" +
In their talk "Designing Black Utopias" Intelligent Mischief touch on ideas of Black Utopias and the various approaches that afrospeculative traditions have taken to derive them. They look at the usefulness of Black Utopias in shaping Black liberation strategies and explore the ways in which Black Utopian aesthetics in music, visual art, pop culture, dance, fiction, and poetry inform revolutionary struggles. +
Intelligent Mischief is a creative studio and design lab unleashing Black imagination to shape the future. Their work aims to boost invention and innovation, realign action logic and experiment with new forms of culture and civil society to create atmospheres of change. In their studio they create multi-platform story worlds, experiences, ephemera and installations that invite Black people to immerse themselves in diverse experiences of Utopias. In their design lab they invite Black people to join in collectively imagining our futures through ciphers, labs, retreats and writers rooms. +