Potentials of Speculation I: Catherine Feliz (Video)

Potentials of Speculation I (Lecture 6: Catherine Feliz)
"Ancient Futures: Reweaving sacred connections with digital portals" +
How can humans nurture emerging ways of relating for a future that regenerates our earth connection? The imperialist capitalist way of engaging digital systems acts with belief that digital reality is in a completely separate realm from the natural order. ANCIENT FUTURES asks, how can we connect the etheric internet web to the underground mycelial web for instance? The artist explores these questions and more with their practice that aims to understand and transform abuses of power from the root. +
Catherine Feliz is an interdisciplinary artist born and raised in Lenape territory (NYC) to parents from Kiskeya Ayiti (Dominican Republic). Intersectional feminist theory, archival research, and earth-based healing inform their practice. They work to reclaim ancestral technologies that have been systematically erased by drawing from multiple disciplines to unearth histories and make space for decolonial futures. Employing techniques of framing, opacity, desire, and language, they work in a variety of mediums including installation, bookmaking, video, text, and fabric. Visit Botánica Cimarrón to find their plant spirit medicines, classes and more. They are also the co-founder of Abuela Taught Me, an Afro-Taino Two-Spirit educational space, and a founding member of Homecoming, a QTBIPOC radical care collective. Catherine is currently an MFA candidate at the University of California, Los Angeles department of Interdisciplinary Studio. +